Our Story

Electro University

Our Mission

Electricians always make a simple problem complex to justify charging you more. We don’t like this and love to make it easy for you.

We’re here to educate and provide solutions to electrical problems around homes and automotive environments for free.

We intend to give the most relevant and highly-detailed instructions so no one has to pay to solve issues a simple search on the internet will fix.

Our Vision

To be the first-choice source for crucial information required to fix electrical problems affecting home and automotive devices.

To remain as accessible to everyone worldwide as possible, to reduce the time and expenses it takes anyone to restore electronic components, and to remain as reliable as needed every time.

Who I Am

I am Alex Klein, an electrical engineer with over a decade of experience fixing problems in homes, offices, cars, and commercial trucks.

I enjoy educating my vast audience through blog posts and videos on the Electro University YouTube channel where I currently enlighten thousands of subscribers.

Alex Klein Author
Alex Klein